DriveHQ FileManager 6.0 Online Help

DriveHQ FileManager 6.0 is one of DriveHQ's flagship client programs. It fully integrates with web-based service, making online storage as easy as your local file server or local hard drive. It offers a comprehensive set of functionalities in online file management and remote file / folder sharing. The interface design follows an intuitive approach, resembling the Windows file management interface and making "Internet Storage as easy as your local drive".

Advantages of DriveHQ FileManager:

DriveHQ FileManager works like Windows Explorer (or My Computer); it supports a Windows Explorer Interface, but can display both the local files and the cloud files. It seamlessly integrates the local files and remote files, making it extremely easy to drag and drop files / folders between local folders and remote folders.

Compared with local storage, DriveHQ FileManager offers cloud-based file server service, which has the following benefits:

  • You can access your files / folders from anywhere without carrying a portable storage device;

  • DriveHQ has multiple levels of redundancies in protecting your files, it is usually much more reliable than your own local storage;

  • You can easily share files with people in remote locations, incl. colleagues and clients;

  • You can easily create and manage sub-user accounts for your employees or clients.

Moreover, DriveHQ FileManager has a lot of great features, including:

  • The easy and familiar user Interface:
    • Supports Windows Explorer interface and FTP interface. You can easily drag and drop files / folders between your local storage and cloud storage.

  • Folder / File Sharing:
    • You can easily select a folder / file and share it with other people, incl. non-DriveHQ members.

  • Share different folders to different users with different permissions:
    • You can share different folders to different users and set different levels of access rights.

  • Folder / File Publishing:
    • You can easily select a folder / file and publish it, which will create a static link(s) to the folder and file (and files in the published folder). The static link(s) can be used by any users, any websites, web pages to link to the folder / file(s). User logon is not needed.

  • Folder Synchronization:
    • You can select a folder and click on the Synchronize button to sync a local folder with a remote folder; you can synchronize multiple PCs by syncing to the same remote folder;

    • By using DriveHQ shared folders, you can synchronize folders belong to different user accounts, hence sync-ing folders on multiple computers that belong to different users;

    • You can set one-way or two way folder synchronization tasks; you can set synchronization schedules.

  • Group Sharing and Collaborations:
    • You can share folders / files to a group, a sub-group or a contact group. You can share different folders to different group(s) with different levels of access rights.

  • Encrypted Folder:
    • You can turn on the Encrypted Folder feature, setup an encryption key, and then upload files / folders to the encrypted folder. Files uploaded to the encrypted folder are transparently encrypted by DriveHQ FileManager client software. Files remain encrypted on DriveHQ server. The encryption key is never sent to DriveHQ server. So it is extremely secure.

  • Data Compression for faster upload / download:
    • DriveHQ FileManager (and Online Backup) can automatically compress data for faster upload / download.

  • Supports automatic / manual resuming, can upload / download any size files reliably:
    • When you upload / download very large files, it is possible that the network connection gets dropped in the middle. This can be caused by your network device, your computer problem, your ISP, or Wi-Fi signal being too weak, or other temporary network issues. When this happens, DriveHQ FileManager (and Online Backup) can automatically retry the connection. Moreover, the current upload / download status is recorded, so you never need to upload / download from the scratch again.

  • Magic Upload:
    • In certain special cases, if a file has been uploaded by any user before, DriveHQ FileManager can automatic detect it and skip the uploading. This can dramatically increase the upload speed.

  • Speed Limit:
    • When you upload a lot of files, DriveHQ FileManager may use a big percentage of network bandwidth. To avoid DriveHQ FileManager from using too much download bandwidth, you can set the speed limit for DriveHQ FileManager so that you can better utilize other web applications.

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