FAQ on File, Folder and Website Publishing (Static Linking)


Q. Can a non-member user access published folders, files and websites?   Top

Yes. Anybody on the Internet can access folders, files and websites published by a DriveHQ member.

Q. Are there any restrictions on publishing?   Top

Yes. To publish folders, files or websites, you must be a Paid Member or True member . The system automatically creates and publishes the folder "PublicFolder" for Paid members and True members; but the Publish is not valid for Free members.

Due to rampant spamming and service abuse, we must make sure that any user who publishes contents on DriveHQ.com are Real and Responsible.

To prevent service abuse, there is also a limit on your bandwidth usage. In most cases, users don't need to pay for the bandwidth. But if your account has a lot of download activities (including other people accessing your shared/published files), you could run out of bandwidth and your files will no longer be accessible. Bandwidth limit is based on monthly usage and is automatically reset on your monthly billing date, which is the day-of-month when you signed up your account on DriveHQ.

Q. How to modify / manage a Publish (I created)?    Top

You can make changes to an existing Publish or delete it. Just log on to your own account, from the "DriveHQ Start Menu", click Publishes to manage existing Publishes . It will display the "Published Folder List" page.

Q. Will a Publish expire?    Top

By default, a "Publish" and the links associated with the Publish will not expire. However, please note free users cannot publish files, folders or websites. Any Publishes created by a free member will expire in 10 minutes. Also, users can set an expiration time explicitly when publishing a folder.

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