DriveHQ Business Email Server Hosting with SMTP, POP, IMAP and Webmail Support

DriveHQ Business Email Hosting service is unlike other free email services. We only offer paid email service. It supports SMTP, POP3, IMAP4 and Webmail; it is compatible with all popular email client software, including Microsoft Outlook and Windows Mail app; it supports all mobile platforms incl. iOS, Android and Windows mobile. You can even host your business domain email accounts.

When you register or create a new account on, you automatically get an email account: You can create more email accounts by upgrading to Group Account. Company domain email addresses are also supported. Your email service is integrated with DriveHQ's cloud storage/IT service, so you can easily attach cloud files or save email attachments to your DriveHQ folder. Your email storage usage and file storage usage are combined to calculate your account storage usage.

DriveHQ business email service is better than free email services

  • You can access your emails online using webmail from anywhere.
  • You can acecss your emails using any popular email client software, incl. Microsoft Outlook and Windows Mail app.
  • You can access your emails offline! (Webmail won't work if you are offline.)
  • You can access your emails from multiple computers and mobile devices.
  • You can create and manage Group Email Accounts.
  • You can create custom domain email addresses.
  • It supports many advanced features such as: Mailing list, auto reply, auto forward, spam filter, email alias and email dropbox, etc.

DriveHQ can host your company domain email accounts for a lot cheaper than Microsoft Exchange or other cloud business email hosting services! In fact, DriveHQ's business email hosting service is offered as a FREE add-on service to DriveHQ business customers.

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