Using DriveHQ Group Email Service for Business

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DriveHQ group account

DriveHQ Group Account Service is designed for businesses and organizations. You first create a Group Owner (and Administrator) account, then you can create and add more group member accounts (i.e. sub-users). The group administrator can assign storage space and monthly download bytes to group members. The Administrator can also disable a group member or delete it from the group. Group members can easily share folders to with other group members or sub-groups.

If your account is not a group account, you can easily upgrade it to a group account. click on "My Account"->"Group Account ", you will see the "Upgrade to Group Account" page, click on "Upgrade to Group Account". Read the Terms of Service and click on Upgrade. Your account is successfully upgraded to a Group Account and you can create and manage sub-users immediately.

Group Account Administration

From the DriveHQ Start Menu, click "Group Admin", it will display the Group Admin page. The Group Admin page is shared with other DriveHQ cloud services (e.g. Cloud Storage, Drive Mapping and FTP Hosting services). For file storage and sharing services, usually you don't need to allocate any storage space to your sub-users. However, for email hosting service, you do need to allocate enough storage space to your sub-users.

In the Group Admin page, you can click on Create Sub User to create a new group member. See the screenshot below:

You can allocate storage space and monthly download bytes to sub-users from your account's storage and download bytes quota. Please input all required information, then click on Submit, the system will create the sub-user. Please note DriveHQ offers one free sub-user license. If you need to add more group members, you can order additional user licenses.

After you have created a sub-user, you can edit, delete or disable it. You can also change its password, add an email alias or log on as the sub-user. Note each user must be allocated with enough storage space. Otherwise, they will not be able to receive any emails. Some other email features are also dependent on a user's max storage space.

Order group user licenses

DriveHQ offers one free sub-user license. A sub-account can be used as an email account. (The default email address is For more email accounts, you can order more user licenses. DriveHQ's user license price is extremely low from only $4/user/month. It is dramatically low priced than Microsoft Exchange Server or other business email hosting services. The same user licenses can also be used for other DriveHQ cloud IT services (e.g. File Server/Drive Mapping, FTP Hosting, Cloud File Storage, Backup and Sharing, etc.)

User licenses can be ordered from the same Subscribe page. Click the "Regular Plans" tab, it will display the regular storage and user license plans. You can also order a bundled service plan.

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