Host a Public or Private Discussion Forum

In addition to public discussion forums, you can create a Private Group Forum among your group of people. All you need to do is to create a contact group and then add your friends' DriveHQ usernames / email addresses to the contact group. You must logon to access a Private Group Forum. You will act as the Administrator for the Group Forum you created. You can add/delete friends (contacts) to the group; you can also delete messages posted by your friends.

Private Group Forum

Each Contact Group can have a private group forum, where the group members can participate in special group discussions. The person who created the Contact Group will act as the Group Administrator (he can also assign another member to be the admin)

This feature is very useful for a project team, a class, or a group of co-workers, etc.

Public Forum

Users can participate in a public discussion forum. They must be a "True User" or a "Paid User" to post messages on public forums.

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