About DriveHQ's File, Folder & Website Publishing Feature

Publishing means to make your files, folders or websites accessible to anybody on the Internet, incl. non-DriveHQ members.

If you publish a folder / file on DriveHQ, you can link to the folder or files in it with static URLs (i.e. Publish URLs). You can link to the file(s) / folder(s) from any websites or web pages.

Only Paid Members or True Members can publish on DriveHQ.com

Please note: by default, your DriveHQ folders and files are secure and private. Other users cannot access your files / folders unless you have shared or published them.

Only "True Members" or "Paid Members" can Publish Folder / File / Website. Free members can also publish. However, the Publish and any links will expire in 10 minutes.

Log on to your account. From the "DriveHQ Start Menu", click on "Publishes", it will display the Publish main page as follows:

DriveHQ publish main page: Publish folder, file and website

Publish a Folder: Publish a folder so that files can be statically linked from any web pages. Host your files on DriveHQ and link them from your website, eBay, Facebook or any software / video downloading websites.

Publish a Website: Publish and host your own website on DriveHQ, whether it's a personal website or a business website. Just copy your website files to the wwwhome folder. Private domain websites are supported if you have a domain.

Publish a File: You can publish a single file and create a static link to the file. If you need to publish multiple files, it is recommended using the folder publishing feature.

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