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Active Directory Integration Agent - Single Sign-On (SSO)

You can log on to DriveHQ cloud system with your Active Directory account info. System administrators can batch import users from Active Directory to their DriveHQ group account. Single Sign-On can be turned on/off for each user.

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Active Directory Integration and Single Sign-On (SSO) service is designed for large enterprises. It usually requires an enterprise level subscription. The service is not included in our regular subscription plans. It is offered as an add-on service starting at $40/month for up to 100 users.

AD Integration and SSO can make it very easy for enterprises to migrate to the Cloud. System administators can batch import AD users to DriveHQ; users can log on to DriveHQ using their existing AD account info. Combined with DriveHQ's Cloud File Server / Drive Mapping service, enterprises can migrate to the Cloud instantly without re-training their employees.

To support AD Integration and SSO, you need to install DriveHQ Active Directory Integration Agent on your domain controller or a server that joined the domain. The software will install a system service named "DriveHQ Active Directory Agent Service". Please make sure the service is not stopped and no security software blocks it.

Feature Highlights

  • Remotely authenticate DriveHQ users via Active Directory (SSO).
  • Batch import Active Directory users to DriveHQ group account.
  • Set default parameters for new sub-users.
  • Search AD accounts and DriveHQ accounts.
  • Allocate storage / bandwidth to sub-users.
  • Turn on/off SSO for sub-users; delete sub-users (on DriveHQ only).
  • Enable / Disable SSO for all AD users. (If enabled, it will automatically create a sub-account when an AD user logs on to DriveHQ for the first time.)
  • Enable / disable DriveHQ to cache login credentials (to service login when AD server is offline).

More Information

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Download DriveHQ Active Directory Integration Agent / SSO

System: Win7,8,10; Win2008-2016 Size:  15 MB