Create New Backup Tasks

Online Backup supports real-time backup and scheduled backup. If you want your files/folders to be backed up as changes occur, choose Run Manually under Schedule tab (i.e. real-time backup). This might affect your system performance if the amount of data is too huge or if the source folder contains a lot of files. In this case, you can setup the backup task to automatically start at scheduled time (i.e. scheduled backup).

You can create new backup tasks to backup your important business and personal files.

  1. Launch the application.

  2. Click Create New Backup.

  3. In the popup box, type a name for the new backup task, then click OK.

  4. Click Source & Destination tab.

  5. Click Schedule tab, select one option to setup the start time for the backup task.
  6. Click Advanced Settings tab.
  7. You can check more advanced setting options for the backup task.

  8. To finish backup task creation, click Save Backup.