DriveHQ Online Backup 6.0 Help

DriveHQ Online Backup is an enterprise cloud backup program. It can automatically back up your PCs, MACs and Servers reliably. You can create multiple backup tasks with different backup schedules. The backup software is included in DriveHQ's Cloud IT Service for no extra charge. If you have a DriveHQ account, you can use the Online Backup service immediately. You must install DriveHQ Online Backup client software to use the automatic backup feature.

DriveHQ Online Backup has a lot of advantages over local backup solutions:

  • - Cloud (Offsite) backup is the only secure backup solution that can protect your data against major disasters, such as earthquake, flood, fire, or virus / hacking, etc.
  • - No need to buy or setup any backup device. You can backup / restore your data online easily.
  • - Backup and restore files from anywhere. No need to carry a backup device.
  • - Supports group backup for business. Can back up multiple computers or users.
  • - Backup computers when nobody is logged on.
  • - Access, share or collaborate files remotely online using DriveHQ Online Storage service.
  • - DriveHQ uses multiple layers of redundancy to protect user data, which is usually more secure and reliable than your own backup.
  • - DriveHQ can deliver 99.99% up-time.
  • - DriveHQ Online Backup has a lower overall cost, when you consider the hardware, software, setup, maintenance and reliability factors.

DriveHQ Online Backup main features:

  • Supports scheduled backup;
  • Supports real-time backup;
  • Supports incremental backup;
  • It only backs up files that are new or modified after last backup. Other files are automatically skipped;

  • Supports Volume Shadow Copy, can back up open (locked) files (files that are being written to). This can be used to backup Outlook PST files or database files;
  • Keep multiple file versions;
  • Backup multiple PCs (for no extra licenses);
  • Group Backup (backup multiple users' PCs);
  • Supports HTTPS / SSL;
  • Client-side data encryption (save encrypted data on DriveHQ cloud storage);
  • Data compression for faster upload / download;
  • Data caching for faster upload / download;
  • Supports MagicUpload for very fast Upload in certain cases;
  • Integrated with DriveHQ online storage & sharing system. Can access, share and collaborate files with multiple users remotely. Can use FTP to access files backed up to DriveHQ.

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