What's new inDriveHQ Online Backup 6.0?

DriveHQ Online Backup 6.0 offers the following new features and improvements:

  1. Run online backup as a service even when nobody is logged on your PC / Server.
  2. Performance improvement: it is much faster to backup a large task than the older versions.
  3. Using data compression, caching and MagicUpload, DriveHQ Online Backup 6.0 takes upload/download speed to a new level. Up to 3-10 times faster than regular FTP or HTTP;
  4. The reliability has also reached a new level. Can easily backup files as big as 100GB and as many as 1 million files;
  5. Very detailed progress bar that shows the backup information for every file;
  6. Can automatically send backup status notification emails to users;
  7. Can backup external drives and network drives.
  8. DriveHQ Online Backup 6.0 Enterprise Edition can be easily customized now.

Bugs fixed:

Add an error message when Norton blocks Online Backup from accessing DriveHQ.com. Change the error message to: "Failed to access DriveHQ.com, make sure you are connected to the Internet. Please also check if your anti-virus software or firewall software has blocked it from accessing the Internet."

It can reliably backup any size files, including very large locked files, such as Outlook pst files and database files. For email backup, you can also try DriveHQ EmailManager, which is more efficient and more powerful.

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