Referral Program

DriveHQ Referral Program Overview

Your friends, customers and business partners need cloud storage & cloud IT service. By referring our high-quality service to them, not only you help them save cost, but also you can receive up to 30% commission.

The referral program is very simple: You refer users to DriveHQ using a Referral URL; if a user signs up DriveHQ membership in 4 months, then the user is referred by you. You will receive commission for the first year if the user orders DriveHQ service.

How to start DriveHQ Referral Program 1. Sign up for a free DriveHQ account online if you have not done so yet;
2. Refer DriveHQ services to your friends / customers with the Referral URLs or Banners. You can use any DriveHQ marketing materials when referring DriveHQ service.

If a user referred by you orders DriveHQ service in the first year, you will earn a commission.

How much will you earn? For referral program, it is very simple. The more customers you refer and the more they order, the more commissions you can earn.

You will earn 15-30% commission on orders of DriveHQ services in one full year.
You can request a check or a PayPal payment when your commission reaches $25.

DriveHQ has other partnership models that offer much higher commission / revenue sharing. Such partnership models include: Group Account service reseller program, co-branded or white label reseller program. Your commission rate (or gross margin) can be more than 120%!

Why join DriveHQ referral program?

1. DriveHQ Cloud Storage & Cloud IT Service is needed by almost all businesses. It replaces local servers and IT systems. By referring our service, you are helping your friends / customers.

2. Easy to set up. You just need to sign up a free DriveHQ account. You can use any DriveHQ marketing materials / banners to attract users.

3. Real-time reporting. You can check how many users you have referred and how much you have earned in real-time.

4. High commission rate of up to 30%. If you can refer a lot of users, you can change to other partnership models that have over 120% gross margin!

Interested? Sign up and start earning money now.