OEM Partnership - Bundle DriveHQ cloud services

If you are a hardware device manufacturer, you will find DriveHQ software and services can dramatically enhance your product value. DriveHQ service can closely connect your customers with your hardware, and thus connect your company with your customers. Not only it can improve your customer loyalty, help you generate more sales, but also you can make more profit from cloud services than selling hardware devices!

Most consumer digital devices (digital cameras, camcorders, webcams) have bundled desktop photo or video software. In the rapidly changing digital media industry, consumers now demand for online sharing and publishing digital contents. The future of digital devices and multimedia software is to connect people. DriveHQ offers great online storage, backup and sharing services; we also have high-quality web-based client software that delivers much higher value than traditional desktop software.

Business equipment manufacturers used to enjoy higher profit margin. With more competition and many businesses moving to the cloud services, the profit margin has become very thin now. On the other hand, IT service business keeps growing with a much higher profit margin. By leveraging on your existing user base and marketing channels, you could make more profit selling cloud IT services.

Value Proposition for OEMs

Most software companies charge OEMs for bundling their software with OEM's hardware devices. DriveHQ offers high-quality, high-end software for free bundling. Moreover, we might pay OEMs for bundling our software!

For Digital Camera, Camcorder, WebCam and Digital Frames manufacturers:

Photo or video applications are less useful today as the operating system has already provided very good support for multimedia files. Bundling DriveHQ software and services can create a lot of new values:

  1. Sharing large multimedia files online with friends and relatives remotely. DriveHQ FileManager is a great application for sharing digital contents online. Users can drag and drop files, preview files; share and publish files online.
  2. Consumers and SMBs need a secure backup solution to backup digital files. DriveHQ Online Backup can automatically backup files in real-time or in scheduled time.
  3. Consumers and SMBs may also need FTP service to share digital contents with friends/customers;

For USB storage device manufacturers:

While faster than online storage, USB storage also has some disadvantages:

  1. Cannot access files remotely;
  2. Can only be accessed from one PC at one time;
  3. Cannot share or collaborate with other people remotely;
  4. Less reliable and less secure than Online Storage. If you lose a USB device, other people could access your data.
  5. Requires plug and un-plug which is not convenient.

DriveHQ FileManager client software extends the USB storage feature to the Internet. You can access your files from anywhere at any time without needing to carry the USB storage. You can share your files and set access rights so that different people can access different folders only. Online storage and local USB storage can be combined to deliver much higher value to consumers.

For PC / Server manufacturers:

The industry trend is Cloud Storage & Cloud IT service will become more and more popular. Consumers and businesses have a strong need to upload files to online storage, share files with remote friends/colleagues/clients.

DriveHQ FileManager, DriveHQ FTP and WebDAV Drive Mapping makes cloud storage as easy as local drives; it is also more reliable and secure than local computers. Bundling DriveHQ services not only offers extra storage to your customers, but also offers them remote servers and cloud IT solutions. They can easily share and collaborate with other people; automatically synchronize local and remote folders; schedule automatic backup tasks to protect important data, etc.

For mobile device manufacturers:

DriveHQ services are accessible from PDAs and Smart Phones. Our web based service can be easily accessed from any web-enabled mobile devices. We also have a mobile website at:, which is optimized for phones with small display.

DriveHQ FTP service and SMTP/POP3/IMAP email service also works fine on mobile devices.

How to start OEM partnership with DriveHQ?

Most OEMs can choose the regular co-branded / white label reseller model. A co-branded service can be setup in just a few hours. White label service may take a few more days dependent on your amount of customization. OEM partners can easily customize the website and client software using DriveHQ tools. After the service is launched, OEM partners can bundle the re-branded software / service with their hardware devices. Please feel free to contact us if you have other requirements.