Overview of DriveHQ Partnership Programs

IT systems are vital to all businesses. However, many SMBs don't have the expertise or budget to setup an in-house IT system. They need cloud-based IT service. While hundreds of companies offering cloud storage or backup service, such service cannot replace an IT system. For resellers, instead of competing in the low-margin Cloud Storage business, DriveHQ's Cloud IT service offers a much bigger opportunity. Partnering with DriveHQ has the following advantages:

Who should partner with DriveHQ?

  1. Online Service Providers:
  2. ISPs; telecom and network service providers;
  3. Service providers in vertical markets serving:
  4. Accounting Firms;
    Law firms;
    Medical clinics;
    Real estate agents and appraisers;
    Photographers and design firms;
    Non-profit organizations and educational institutes, etc.
  5. Service providers for specific regions or languages;
  6. Software developers or publishers;
  7. Digital device manufacturers, vendors, OEMs, etc.
  8. IT consulting firms and solution providers;

Why Partner with DriveHQ?

DriveHQ offers high-end Cloud IT service to business customers. Business and professional users are more willing to pay for the service. With cloud storage service quickly becoming a low-margin commodity market, you can get much more revenue by partnering with DriveHQ.

The benefits of partnering with us include:

  1. DriveHQ Cloud IT solution is a one-stop shop for all Cloud IT services.
  2. DriveHQ Cloud IT service includes storage, software, administrative tools and technical support. It is essential to all business customers; it is much more useful and valuable than online storage & backup service.
  3. DriveHQ has top quality services & features, can meet enterprise customer requirements.
  4. DriveHQ offers high-quality high-end services that have a very high customer satisfaction ratio.
  5. Almost zero start-up cost with zero chance of losing money. Start selling in no time.
  6. If you re-invent the wheel, the cost will be over a few million dollars.
  7. Boost your service revenue; get much more revenue than partnering with other providers.
  8. You can get into the fast-growing and lucrative Cloud IT service business with a proven profit model. This compares sharply with many other companies that offer free/cheap online storage/backup services with no profit model.
  9. DriveHQ has the lowest prices for partners, offering up to 500% gross margin.
  10. Small resellers don't need to pay for storage space or user licenses with the default revenue share model. Large resellers can also choose a bulk storage model. We will beat any competitors' prices for the same class of service.
  11. Connect customers more closely with your online service, sell more software, hardware or services.

VC-funded companies are good at marketing hype and free services. Don't just believe in them, make sure to compare the features, services and technologies. As a reseller, you cannot just sell hype or free services. You need real products with good profit margins.

DriveHQ is a self-funded company. We are the first Cloud IT solution provider with over 2 million registered users. We focus on technologies and services instead of marketing hype. We rely on our partners and we don't compete with them.

Success Stories

DriveHQ has over 2 million registered users, incl. tens of thousands of business customers. By using our services, these businesses have achieved big savings in hardware, software and system maintenance costs. DriveHQ has some very large companies using our services or reselling our services. We also have a lot more users selling our group account / enterprise services. For more info, please visit our Customer Testimonials page, or contact