Instant Reseller Model (The recommended model)

The Instant Reseller Program is the best reseller program for small resellers and IT admins - offering the highest profit margin (up to 500%), and can be setup instantly. The setup cost for this plan is very low, and there is no need for a dedicated support or engineering team. If you are an IT Consultant, solution provider, system integrator or other small service provider, this model strongly recommended. Not only you can leverage on DriveHQ's strong brand name and over ten year track record, but you can customize the website to use your own landing page and company logo:

You can set your own prices and bill your customers directly. You can make your price much more competitive than DriveHQ's while maintaining a very high profit margin. If you cannot bill your customers, you can use our billing service.

How does it work?

If you order a lot of storage space, DriveHQ's unit price is significantly lower. Now you can order a higher level plan, divide it and resell it to your customers at a higher unit price. For example:

If you order our Cloud IT Service with 2TB storage and 20 user licenses, the regular price is:
     $240 + 12 = $252/month (your cost is lower as we offer 20%-40% reseller discount)

If you resell the service to 20 users for 100GB each, then you can make:
     $60 x 20 = $1200/month (your revenue)

DriveHQ will offer you 20% to 40% reseller discount based on your subscription level. In this case, your gross profit margin will be about 400%. If you can resell to a lot of customers, then your profit margin can be even higher! You can also set your price lower than DriveHQ's and make your service more competitive than DriveHQ's or any other company's.

How to start Instant Reseller Program?

The "Instant Reseller Program" can be setup instantly. To start, you just need to:

  • Setup a free DriveHQ account if you have not yet done so .
  • Start selling to your potential customers. When ready, order a subscription from DriveHQ and create a sub-account for your customer.
  • If your customer needs multiple accounts, create a "sub-group administrator" account for them.
  • Contact DriveHQ sales to get a reseller discount.

Please note:

  • If you allocate storage space (and download bytes) to a sub-user, it reduces your main account storage space. To increase your main account storage space, you can use the group admin feature to re-allocate your sub-user's storage space.
  • When a user uploads/downloads files in a shared folder, he/she uses the storage space and download bytes of the folder owner account. Please make sure the folder owner has enough storage space and download bytes.

For more info, please feel free to contact us