Co-branded / White Label Program (Very large partners only)

If you want to offer your own Cloud IT service, DriveHQ's co-branded / white label service platform is designed to make it effortless. You can launch a co-branded service in just a few hours; white label service will take longer. The cost is only $50/year to a few hundred dollars per year!

Whether you need co-branded or white label program is dependent on your company brand name. If your company does not have a strong brand name, then using DriveHQ co-branded program is better. Your customers will know that the service is powered by DriveHQ, the leading cloud IT service provider. It can help you sell the service and build your brand name. If your company has a strong brand name, then you can choose either the co-branded program or white label program. Note: white label service requires a separate website. It takes a few more days to setup. There will be initial setup fee plus annual maintenance fee. For more information, please read DriveHQ Partnership PPT.

Please visit the following sample co-branded websites to get better idea about DriveHQ co-branded / white label program:
Co-branded Service Template 1 ,    Co-branded Service Template 2 ,    Co-branded Service Template 3

Remember, you can launch such a great Cloud IT service in just a few hours! With this model, any online service company or software company can easily add their own Cloud IT service. Our potential partners include:

  • - Online service companies;
  • - Broadband ISPs, telecom and network service providers;
  • - Service providers in vertical markets; (e.g. accounting, legal, medical, IT, real estates, education, etc.)
  • - Service providers for specific countries, regions or languages;
  • - Software developers, publishers, digital device vendors, etc.

Co-branded / white label service offers great flexibility in customizing the brand name, website look and feel. Usually it requires a lot of setup and customization work. The new DriveHQ Co-branded / White Label program dramatically simplified this process. Therefore, the cost has become many times lower.

How does this business model work?

You can log on, order a "Reseller Service Plan" for a very small amount of annual fee, which is the cost of maintaining the branded website, plus to get a revenue share (or discounted service price). Your service price from DriveHQ is dependent on the Reseller Service Level. Usually you receive 20% to 45% discounted price. After the service is setup, you can sell the service to your customers and the revenue is shared between you and DriveHQ based on the Reseller Service Level. If you ordered "Level One Reseller Service Plan" for $50/year only, you will get 20% discounted price. So if you sell 20GB annual service to your customer, DriveHQ will charge you $199.99 * 80% = $159.99/year. You can set your own service price. If the price is the same as DriveHQ price, then your profit margin is 20%.

You can easily customize the service logo, pricing, UI themes, email templates, client software UI; hide certain features, etc. You can leverage on DriveHQ's transaction and billing system, or use your own billing system. You own the users unless the service is discontinued. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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