Share Folders to Other Users

DriveHQ provides the most powerful and flexible sharing engine. You can share different folders to different friends with different permissions; sharing to non-members are also supported.

To share folders, click on "SHARE" and click on "Share file/folder to friend". It goes to the "Share file/folder " page, a share can be created in only 3 steps, with ease.

Select the files or folders you want to share.

Enter the Share Name (must be unique), Share Password, Share Description, the permission level for the share and the email address of the person you want to share with. Multiple email addresses can be entered ( separated by a comma). If you know your friend's DriveHQ Username, then you can use it instead of the email address). Click on Apply, the Share is created.

After the Share has been created, you can Send a notification email to your friends. The notification email contains important information such as your user name (or host user name), share name and share password. The information is required for your friends to access your files/folders. The email also contains a secure URL link to your shared folders.

Accessing Folders Shared by Other Users

There are two ways to access shared folders:

  • Using the Shared Logon, enter the Share Key, (or enter your friend's username, the Share Password and the Share Name). Usually, you can log on transparently by clicking on the link in the share notification email;
  • If both you and your friend are DriveHQ members, and if your friend shared the folder to you via your DriveHQ Username or your registered email on DriveHQ, then you can log on to your own account, click on "SHARE" and then click on "Visit Shares" to access the shared files and folders;
  • In the second case, you can also install DriveHQ FileManager to download all shared files at once.

Manage Shares

You can make changes to existing Shares or delete an existing share. Just log on to your own account, click on "SHARE" and click on "Manage Shares". It goes to the "manage shares" page. Click on the share you wish to edit. You can change the share name, description, permission and share-to users, etc. You can also resend the share notification email.

Bandwidth Limit on Sharing and Publishing Files

To avoid abuse, there is a limit on your bandwidth usage when we believe it is unreasonablly high. In general, you don't need to pay for bandwidth; if your account has a lot activities (including other people accessing your shared/published files), it could run out of bandwidth and your files will no longer be accessible. Bandwidth limit is based on monthly usage and is automatically reset after one month.