DriveHQ lets you create your own websites and publish it for free.

Publish a website is so simple! You are a True member, your website is automatically published by default. Please access it at:

If it doesn't work, or if you want to make your website searchable, please disable and then re-enable your website. If you want to update your website pages, please go to "Manage My Website".

How to author my website HTML files?

Your website files are stored in the "wwwhome" folder. The default homepage file is "home.htm". All files in "wwwhome" folder and its subfolders are accessible at the following URL: offers the best flexibility in publishing and hosting your website.

Please Note: You should never delete "wwwhome" folder. It will break your website even if you re-create the folder. If you accidentally deleted "wwwhome", you need to disable and re-enable your website. Your website is not searchable by default, which means it will not be listed and cannot be found in "Visit Websites". You can make your website searchable by checking "Make My Website Searchable" checkbox and click "Enable My Website". Before you do that, please follow the guidelines below: (1) Give a good website description; (2) The website must be of good quality and must be legal to publish;

You have two ways to manage your website files

1) Use a professional web-authoring tool to create HTML and graphics files; and then use DriveHQ FileManager to upload the files to "wwwhome" folder on This is recommended for advanced users.

2)You can click on "WEBSITES" and click on" Manage My Website" to edit your websites. This works for beginners. can host your business website as well. It is hassle free, the same as you would create a personal website. You don't even need to register a domain. Besides, it is free if your site doesn't have a lot of traffic. For heavy-traffic websites, you need to become a Paid Member.

Please note: while "Publish Websites" is a free feature, you must be a "True Member" to publish. We understand this is inconvenient, but we must make sure that any user who publishes contents is Real and Responsible user.

Advanced Website Feature (Not Required)

You must own a domain name to use the advanced features. Please log on domain management page of the company where you purchased your domain and add an A Record of "www" that resolves to Please note it takes about 24 hours for a DNS name to be updated. Once this is done correctly, open a command window and type in: ping www.YourFullDomainName (e.g.: ping If the return result is like:

Pinging www.YourFullDomainName [] with 32 bytes of data

Request timed out.
Request timed out.
Request timed out.
Request timed out.

Then it has been setup correctly.

Bandwidth Limit on Sharing and Publishing Files

To avoid abuse, there is a limit on your bandwidth usage when we believe it is unreasonablly high. In general, you don't need to pay for bandwidth; if your account has a lot activities (including other people accessing your shared/published files), it could run out of bandwidth and your files will no longer be accessible. Bandwidth limit is based on monthly usage and is automatically reset after one month.