FAQ about DriveHQ SMTP/POP/IMAP Email Hosting & Backup Service

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  • What is DriveHQ Business Email Server Hosting Service? Is it better than other free email services? Is it the same as DriveHQ Online Email Backup service?
  • How do I get started with DriveHQ business email hosting and / or DriveHQ Online Email Backup service?
  • What is my account's maximum email storage and the maximum email size?
  • Is it possible to email a very large file, say a 200MB file?
  • I have a small business with 10 employees. Can I get 10 email addresses?
  • What are the most frequent problems our users experience?
  • Can I use DriveHQ email service for sending spam emails?
  • Can I access my DriveHQ email account from multiple computers/devices (using Outlook)?
  • How can I create my company domain email accounts?
  • Do you offer any email backup software?
  • Do I need to install any client software to access my DriveHQ emails?
  • Can I set email rules and email filters?
  • Does DriveHQ offer free email hosting service?