Promote DriveHQ and Get Additional Free Space

DriveHQ offers the basic service for FREE, which includes tons of great features, 1 sub-user license, 1 GB storage and 200MB download bytes per month. It is enough for many users who mainly upload / download photos, documents or web pages. There is no upload limit as long as you have enough storage space.

You can receive up to 5GB free space or 20% discount by promoting DriveHQ service.

Get more free download bytes

Get 200MB/month free download bytes by using any of the following features, for a max of 1GB/month. It is easy and you will like these features!

After you try these features, your monthly download bytes should automatically increase.

Get up to 5GB free space or 20% discount

If you promote DriveHQ service, you will receive up to 5 GB free space or 20% discount on subscriptions! Promoting DriveHQ can be done in less than 1 minute.
  • Refer DriveHQ service to your friends, co-workers, customers or supervisors;
  • Share DriveHQ information on facebook, twitter, linkedin and other social networking sites;
  • Share DriveHQ information on your personal web pages or company web pages;
  • Link to on any publicly accessible websites or write good reviews about DriveHQ.

To receive additional free storage or discount on subscription, please promote DriveHQ service first and then email DriveHQ customer support with the proofs. The email should use the subject line: "Additional free space and discount", and it must be sent from your registered email address. The email body should only include publicly accessible URLs showing your work.

Based on your effort and result, you can receive up to 5GB free space, or 20% discount on subscriptions. DriveHQ Customer Support will decide at their sole discretion.

Free Cloud IT service to college students and professors

If you are a college student or professor, DriveHQ can offer you 5GB storage + 5 sub-user licenses for free. Please note you are never limited to any computers. You can use our service from any number of computers.

Please contact DriveHQ customer support for more details.

Disclaimer: DriveHQ reserves the right to make changes at any time.