DriveHQ Online Backup for Mac 6.0.0 Screenshots

DriveHQ Online Backup for Mac Main Screen
  • Create a real-time or scheduled backup task.
  • Restore files/folders.
  • Manage backup tasks and account options.
Create a Backup Task
  • Create a backup task: select a source folder and set backup schedule.
  • You can create multiple backup tasks with different schedules.
Create a backup task with advanced options
  • Set the maximum file versions to keep.
  • Set whether to encrypt data, exclude certain files, etc.
  • Exclude certain subfolders / files from being backed up.
Restore Files / Folders
  • Restore all data backed up by a task.
  • Restore selected files / folders.
  • Restore files before a specified time.
  • Restore data to a different location or the original location.
View Backed-up File Versions
  • Display the file version history.
  • Select a version to restore (to the original or a new location).
Manage Backup Tasks
  • Display a list of backup tasks.
  • Edit, Delete, Start your backup tasks.
  • Migrate a backup task to this computer from another computer.
Migrate Backup Tasks from one computer to another
  • If you changed your computer, you can migrate your backup tasks to the new computer.
  • From the Manage Tasks screen, select a task to migrate, click Migrate.
Edit an existing task
  • You can edit an existing task only from the same computer.
  • You can change the task info, backup schedule, and the max number of versions to keep.
DriveHQ Online Backup options and account profile
  • Check account info and account balance.
  • Order subscriptions or make a deposit.
  • Manage encrypted folder (backup)
  • System options and event log