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8/2/2020 1:59:21 AM

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Subject: FAQ

1. What is PrQnA? What is it for?

PrQnA is a real Q&A platform for products and services, offered by Drive Headquarters Inc. More specifically:

• Users can ask questions about how to use a product / service.

• Businesses can offer high quality answers to help their potential customers. (Businesses incl. manufacturers, service providers, resellers and professionals)

• Users can find high-quality or authoritative answers by manufacturers and service provider; businesses can help customers while marketing their products/services.

• Businesses can post product FAQs and manuals to help potential customers.

2. What Questions & Answers Can Be Posted on PrQnA?

PrQnA focuses on questions & answers related with how to use a product / service, including any trouble-shooting tips.

• Users should not ask other types of questions, such as questions related with politics, culture, sports, health and entertainment industries, etc.

• Answers should be written for average users, helping them learn how to use a product / service. It should not try to teach users about how to program or create a new product.

• Answers should be based on facts, not opinions.

• Do not answer a question if you are not very familiar with the product. We encourage manufacturers, service providers, vendors and professionals to provide authoritative answers.

3. Can a Questions or Answer Include a Link to My Product Page?

• External links to your company website might be allowed, if they are relevant and can meet our quality standard. Links to other websites are not allowed.

8/2/2020 2:09:54 AM

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