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  • avinashkande
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 Hi Team, can you please help on this error


com.glide.db.impex.datasource.DataSourceException: FtpWorkflowException --> Return Value: 550 Description: Permission denied.

12/20/2021 12:19:31 PM

  • DriveHQ_Support
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Subject: Re:User XXXXXX logged on. Free service has restrictions and is slower.

The FTP service is a business feature. Usually you need to order a Business Plan to use it. However, you should be able to try it. In your case, you were able to log in, so the FTP server did not block your account. I guess you used incorrect folder/file path? The easiest way to test it is using a GUI-based FTP client such as FileZilla. Please check if you can access our FTP server using FileZilla. For info about how to use FileZilla, please watch this video:


12/20/2021 1:40:52 PM

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