Configure WebDAV Navigator/Nav+ for iOS

Configure WebDAV Navigator/Nav+ for iOS to Connect to DriveHQ WebDAV Server

WebDAV Navigator (by Schimera Pty Ltd) is a very popular WebDAV client app for iPhone/iPad. It is available on App Store for free; a more advanced version WebDAV Nav+ is available for $2.99.

WebDAV Navigator / NAV+
Download WebDAV Navigator from App Store

WebDAV is the most popular way of mapping cloud drives on PC and Mac. It is an open standard protocol supported on all platforms. You just need to find a good WebDAV server.

DriveHQ is a leading Cloud File Server/WebDAV Drive Mapping service provider.

In this document, we will talk about how to configure WebDAV Navigator/Nav+ with DriveHQ's WebDAV Server. The information is also useful in configuring other WebDAV client applications.

Step 1: Get WebDAV Server / URL.

To use WebDAV Navigator/Nav+ with DriveHQ WebDAV Server, you must have a DriveHQ account first. If you don’t have a DriveHQ account, you can:

- Visit website to sign up for a free account. The free account does not expire, but it has some restrictions.

- If you are an administrator, you might want to create sub-accounts for your users, incl. employees and external clients. A sub-user of a paid Group Account is considered a paid account.

The next step is to create/get your secure WebDAV URL. Log on to website, then from the Start Menu, click "Drive Mapping URL". See the screenshots below. (Desktop browser and Mobile browser).

Get WebDAV URL from Desktop Web Browser

Get WebDAV URL from Mobile Web Browser

After you click "Drive Mapping URL", it will display the "Create/Manage Secure WebDAV URL" page as follows. (If you don't already have a Secure WebDAV URL, you can create one. Note the WebDAV URL can be limited to certain IP addresses.)

Step 2: Add New WebDAV Connection/Site

Launch WebDAV Navigator/Nav+ on your iPhone/iPad, you will see the following initial screen:

Tap the "+" sign on the top-right corner of the screen, it will display the "New WebDAV Server" screen as follows:

You can enter the WebDAV server/account info as described in the above screenshot. Make sure to use your own username and password. The WebDAV Server name/host URL is available in the Step 1. It is recommended using HTTPS URL.

Tap the "Save" button on the top-right corner, the new WebDAV Server will be saved as follows:

To connect to DriveHQ's WebDAV cloud storage, you just need to tap the new WebDAV Server (DriveHQWebDAV) in the above screen. It will log on to DriveHQ's WebDAV server and display your cloud files/folders as shown below:

If you incorrectly configured the WebDAV server/account info, you can edit it. In the main screen that displays the saved DriveHQ WebDAV Server, tap "Edit" on the top-left corner of the screen, you can then Delete or Edit your WebDAV Server info.