Low Cost Custom Domain Business Email Hosting Service That Supports MS Outlook, Mobile Devices and Webmail

DriveHQ offers a complete SMTP / POP3 / IMAP4 / Webmail hosting solution for businesses. You can set it up instantly; you can easily create and manage multiple email addresses and aliases. Not only it saves you time, but also it saves you on email Server Hardware, Software, Hosting and System Adminstration, etc. DriveHQ also supports Custom Domain email addresses.

FAQ and feature / price comparisons with other email solutions

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  • What is DriveHQ Email Server Hosting? Is it better than other free emails?
  • How do I get started with DriveHQ email?
  • What is the maximum email box size and the maximum email size?
  • Is it possible to email a very large file, say a 200MB file?
  • I have a small business with 10 employees. Can I get 10 email addresses?
  • What are the most frequent problems our users experience?
  • Can I use DriveHQ email for sending mass / spam emails?
  • Can I access DriveHQ email from multiple computers (using Outlook) or from mobile devices?
  • How can I create my own domain email accounts?
  • Do you offer any email backup software?
  • Do I need to install any DriveHQ client software to access DriveHQ email?
  • Can I set email rules and email filters?
  • Is DriveHQ email server hosting service free?

Feature / price comparisons: a better email hosting service integrated with DriveHQ's Cloud IT service

Features DriveHQ Email Gmail Hotmail MS Exchange
Free basic service (Requires MS Exchange license and server / storage hardware)
Annual price From $4/user/month $50/user $60/user $150/user (or higher?)
Spam filter
Email Privacy Yes Yes (but with content scanning) Yes (but with content scanning) Yes
Integration with Drive Mapping & FTP
Web mail (Requires webmail setup)
Automatic Email Backup software
Create nested sub-groups ? ?
Company private domain emails (Requires a domain name) Requires business service Requires business service (Requires a domain name)
Requires hardware, server and hosting No, already included! No, already included! No, already included!
Setup & Admin Instantly, web-based Requires business service Requires business service Requires expertise in MS Exchange & Email systems
Info is checked to be correct as of Dec. 1, 2017. Please contact DriveHQ support for corrections or updates.