Publish Files for Public Download, Create Static URLs for Linking from eBay or FaceBook, etc.

Want to provide a URL for others to download your file? Link an image from your web page? DriveHQ makes it extremely simple. Compared with our competitors, DriveHQ has the following advantages:

- You can publish a file, which creates a static link to the file.
- You can publish a folder, which creates a static link to the folder. All files in the folder are also published.
- You can publish your website. Any files / folders in your wwwhome folder can be linked at:
- You can create safe publish URLs that do not reveal your username, folder name and file name.
- You can publish any size files and folders on DriveHQ.
- Published files can be downloaded using HTTP or FTP URLs. Users can drag and drop many published folders and files using anonymous FTP.

By default, your files on DriveHQ are secure and private. You CANNOT link them from other web pages. You can select a folder and click on "Publish" in the toolbar. Once a folder is published, you can easily link the files / folders using the "Publish URLs".

So easy to publish files
Just drag & drop files / folders with DriveHQ FileManager or FTP. Files can be published by simply selecting a folder and click on "Publish" in the toolbar. static links to the folder and all files in the folder are created.

You can also copy files to the default WWWHome folder, which is published automatically for Paid Members. (True Members might have to disable the website and re-enable it). Files in WWWHome folder can be linked as:

DriveHQ FileManager client software is recommended to upload files and publish folders. Once a folder is published in FileManager, you can right click on the folder name or files in it to get the Publish URL(s).

Low cost bandwidth and low cost alternative to CDN service
Because DriveHQ has virtually unlimited network bandwidth, and we support so many advanced publishing features, many companies use DriveHQ service as an alternative solution to the much more expensive CDN (Content Delivery Network) service.

Note Free Users cannot publish website or Files on DriveHQ. For Premium Users, a default website ( is published automatically. True Users might have to disable the website and re-enable the website to activate the website.