Professional Online Backup Solution - More Powerful, Better Protection

Need to protect your data from any disasters, such as fire, flood, earthquake, hurricane, disk crash, virus and accidental deletion? You need a cloud backup solution that saves your data to a secure offsite datacenter. DriveHQ Online Backup is a true enterprise-class online backup program. It can backup PCs, MACs and servers reliably. You can create multiple backup tasks to backup different folders or drives and set different backup schedules. You can centrally manage backup tasks on multiple PCs and servers.

Do Dropbox, Box, Google Drive and Egnyte support Online Backup? No, they don't.

Download DriveHQ Online Backup, the best online file / email backup software    Download DriveHQ Online Backup, the best online file / email backup software

Better protection than your local backup

DriveHQ Online Backup client software automatically backs up your data to DriveHQ's state-of-the-art data center. The data center has 24x7 onsite monitoring and security. DriveHQ uses high-end equipments with multiple levels of redundancy. Using our service, your data has a far better chance surviving a major disaster (e.g. Fire, Hurricane, Earthquake) than your local backup.

"Set and Forget": create backup tasks in one minute, and your data is protected

Just install DriveHQ Online Backup client software, no device needed, nothing to connect or plug-in, save you money on hardware. Never worry about disk crashes. The software runs in the background as a system service. It can backup your data even when nobody is logged on the computer.

Scheduled backup and real-time backup

You can backup your files at the scheduled times, or you can backup your files in real-time as soon as a file is changed. You can create many backup tasks to backup different folders at different times.

Back up multiple computers, there is NO extra charge!

You can backup many computers for no extra charge. Tasks created on different computers are associated with different source computers. You can restore files on a new PC, or migrate backup tasks to a new PC. There is no extra charge to install DriveHQ Online Backup software or use our services on many computers.

Better performance with incremental backup, data compression and MagicUpload

DriveHQ Online Backup supports incremental backup. It only backs up the changed files or new files, saving both time and storage space. It also compresses data for better upload / download speed. DriveHQ's MagicUpload technology can dramatically increase your upload speed in certain cases.

Restore old file versions

In the event of accidental deletion or overwrite, you can "travel back in time" and restore the old version. By default, DriveHQ Online Backup keeps up to 10 versions. If your files are never changed, they will have only one version.

Ultimate privacy and security

DriveHQ service is designed to be extremely secure to meet business or government requirements. Our client software and website both support HTTPS/SSL, which protects your security during data transmission. If you need more security, you can choose "Backup with Encryption". With this option, your data is encrypted locally on your own computer and then sent to DriveHQ server. Your encryption key is never sent to DriveHQ server! Nobody, including DriveHQ support staff, can read your files.

Better service at a lower price

Compared with local backup, DriveHQ service can save you time and cost on hardware and software, moreover, it is more secure and reliable.

Compared with other online backup services, not only DriveHQ has better software, but also it has a lot more services and features, and you can backup any number of computers for no extra charge.

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