Ultimate security and privacy

DriveHQ follows the best security practices in the industry. We have taken all measures to ensure your data safety, availability and privacy. Below is a brief description of our security features. For more detailed information about DriveHQ security and compliance to HIPAA, SAS 70 and ISO 27001, please download DriveHQ Security Overview.

Application Security
By default, files uploaded to your DriveHQ account are secure and private. Even if a hacker has access to your URL, they cannot access your files as they cannot be linked from any other web pages. You can share or publish your files/folders and specify different permissions for different users.

Our Facility
Co-located in the state-of-the-art collocation facility operated by Hurricane Electric, our data center is protected by redundant power supply, redundant network connections, 24x7 security sureillance and redundant server hardware and storage systems. [More]

Access Control
We have two Operations Managers who can access our servers and user accounts. Without your request, they won't access your account. Our network team and the monitoring system constantly monitor the system for suspicious activities.

By default, when you sign up an account on DriveHQ, all your files are private except those placed in "wwwhome" and "PublicFolder" folders. Without your logon info, nobody can access your files. DriveHQ does not screen your private contents, unless there are suspicious activities in your account, those activities include but not limited to offer pirated software, music or movie for free download.

Network Transfer Security
By default, DriveHQ uses 256-bit SSL for transferring sensitive data, such as your credit card info. Nobody can eavesdrop such communication. Files can also be transferred using HTTPS or FTP over SSL.

Encrypted Folder - Secure Storage
For those data that requires ultimate security and privacy, DriveHQ supports "Encrypted Folder" and "Backup with Encryption" features. Your files are encrypted locally before they are uploaded to DriveHQ. Without your private encryption key, nobody, incl. our Operations Managers or any hackers, can read your files.