Features - Cloud File Sharing

Share Files, Photos & Videos with Family Members and Friends

DriveHQ's Cloud File Sharing feature is very easy. You can do so on DriveHQ.com website, or with DriveHQ FileManager client software or DriveHQ FileManager mobile app. Just select a cloud folder, right click on it and click Share. You can share it with your family members or friends. Your friends don't have to be a DriveHQ member.

You can share different folders with different friends. You can share it with read-only or full-access permission. For your kids, you can create a sub-account, which you have full control over it.

Cloud File / Folder Sharing

  • Cloud Folder Sharing with Granular Access Control

    You can share folders with multiple friends and set different permissions. Your friends don't have to sign up with DriveHQ. The system can send a Share-Notification email to your friends that contains a link. Your friends can click the link and enter their email address to access the shared folder(s). Each friend can only access the folder(s) you shared with him/her. For full-access, your friends must log on to DriveHQ.

  • Group Folder Sharing

    You can share a folder with your kids by creating a sub-account for your kids. You can then share a folder with the sub-account. Your kids can log on to the sub-account to access the folder(s) you shared with them.

  • Share a Cloud Folder Multiple Times

    You can share the same cloud folder multiple times with different share names and permission levels; also, if you shared a cloud folder, you can still share a sub-folder or parent folder of the shared folder to other users.

  • Sharing Notification Email

    You can setup an option to send a notification email to you and all share-to users when someone has changed a file in the specific shared folder.

  • Share Expiration

    When you share a folder, you can set it to automatically expire after x days.