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 hello, I hope you are doing well.

Please, I could'nt understand how to customize a page with logo, color.

Can you explain?


many thanks


jefferson carvalho

5/15/2020 8:48:32 PM

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Subject: Re:page customization

To customize the website with your company logo and landing page, you need to be an Instant Reseller first. To become an Instant Reseller, please visit CameraFTP Partnership page, and read the section about our reseller models. The Instant Reseller model is the easiest and most popular reseller model. 

Once you become an Instant Reseller, you can log on to, go to My Account page, then click Customization. Please make sure you enable Flash. You can then upload your logo image. Click Update, it will generate a very simple login page. The login page is hosted on DriveHQ's web hosting platform via a CameraFTP-linked DriveHQ account. To manage/customize your login page, please log on to website, then edit the HTML files in the "wwwhome" folder.

If you ordered a service over $20/month, you can send your logo file to CameraFTP support and we can setup your "custom logo and login page" for free. Otherwise, you can wait until you have signed up a few customers. Please feel free to contact us if you have any more questions.



5/16/2020 5:58:01 PM

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