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I'm sure it will work but I wanted to confirm that StarlInk internet service witl workwith CameraFTP.  There were rumors floating around Starlink wouldn't work with some of the doorbell cameras out there. 

2/21/2024 9:55:38 PM

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Subject: Re:starlink internet

I am also very sure it will / should work with our service. Usually you just need to make sure that your camera is connected to the Internet and can access

You can connect a PC with Starlink, and check if it can access You can further check with our virtual NVR software: CameraFTP Virtual Security System. Download and install it, and then try the free service.  You can add a webcam or screen-recording camera to VSS. If it can record to the cloud, then it means it works. 

Dependent on your service plan and your camera's recording parameters, an IP camera may use a lot of upload bandwidth (or upload/transfer a lot of data per month). Please check your Starlink service plan. It might have monthly data limit. If so, you need to order a service plan and configure your camera based on the service plan so that it will not exceed the data limit.

2/21/2024 10:10:05 PM

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