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Hello, is it possible to change the logo of the cameraftp for another one? Thanks

Best regards

Daniel Ruela


8/2/2023 6:05:19 AM

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Subject: Re:Logo

CameraFTP is a division of DriveHQ is a leading Cloud IT service provider. It offers a feature called "Custom Logo and Login Page".

CameraFTP offers this feature through a linked DriveHQ account. However, "Custom Logo and Login Page" service is usually only offered to large business customers or large resellers. Please email CameraFTP support and provide some information about your business and your needs. If you qualify, we will offer this feature for free. Otherwise, we might be able to offer it for a small fee. If you are interested in our partnership program, please visit: or watch this video:


12/28/2023 11:03:35 AM

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