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Hi there,

do you allow me to download my camera footage that is on your server by FTP? e.g. can the same FTP data to upload from the camera also be used to download by me on my computer?


If not, what ways to download the footage are there?






5/26/2022 10:54:06 PM

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Subject: Re:Ways to access camera footage (ideally by FTP)

Yes, you can use any FTP client software to download files in batch. For example, you can use FileZilla. Just log in to with your CameraFTP username and password. 

If you need to delete files, you need to log in with your CameraFTP username and Your Camera Admin Password. The Camera Admin Password is initially set to be the same as your account password. You should change it if you want to delete files.

To download files, you can also use CameraFTP Viewer app for Windows. Visit Microsoft Windows (App) Store, search for CameraFTP and download CameraFTP Viewer. It can view your cameras and download files.

5/28/2022 7:58:58 PM

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