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 Good morning all,


I have 2 Reolink RLC-811A cameras hooked up to my Reolink RLN8-410 NVR. I successfully did the FTP setup on my Reolink NVR and Camera FTP recognized only one camera. It seems to be recording footage from both cameras but there is no isolation for each individual camera. Also, I signed up for continuous recording and they only seems to be recording bits and pieces.


Any help would be appreciated.



2/17/2022 11:12:49 AM

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Subject: Re:Cameraftp not detecting all cameras

Setting up a DVR/NVR is slightly more complicated than setting up an IP camera. The initial steps are the same as IP cameras, e.g., you need to connect the DVR to the network, configure video/image parameters, configure to upload continuously or only when a motion is detected, configure the FTP server information, etc. After these steps, your DVR should upload images or video clips to CameraFTP. It is normal that the DVR/NVR will upload all files to the same camera folder. 

The next step is to separate the files into different camera folders. This step can be done by CameraFTP support staff. You just need to send an email to CameraFTP support. Dependent on your DVR/NVR brand and model, it usually takes a few hours for us to finish this step. ( If your DVR/NVR works very differently, then it might take a couple days)

For your Reolink DVR/NVR, you can configure it like a regular IP camera first; then log in to, edit the camera, enter the "Camera Brand, Model & Type", and append the following text to it:


This assumes your Reolink DVR uploads files with the following file name format:


If the file name format is like: Backyard_00_*.mp4, then you need to append: 



Lastly, Reolink IP cameras/DVRs can upload very large video clip files. It is recommended using smaller file size. Please try to limit it to 10MB. Otherwise, you will experience long delay in viewing your camera video. 

2/17/2022 5:32:34 PM

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Subject: Re:Cameraftp not detecting all cameras

Please note after CameraFTP support staff separates files into multiple camera folders, you might see an extra camera. e.g. if your DVR was initially configured like an IP camera with the camera name of TestDVR. If the DVR has 4 cameras. After everything is configured, you might see 5 cameras in your account:

TestDVR, TestDVR0, TestDVR1, TestDVR2 and TestDVR3. 

It is normal. You can ignore the error message of "camera licenses exceeded". The TestDVR will be an empty camera. But don't delete it or change it as it contains the DVR information.


2/17/2022 6:02:54 PM

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