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 I've seen weird things happening over the last week with my camera embed.  first, the embeded viewer lost the ability to change the playback speed on mobile, next the camera ftp logo appreared in the upper right corner of the viewer.  Today the vembeded viewer quit working.  When viewing the feed though the website, the time on the viewer timeline is now one hour off from what is displayed on the camera feed and the viewer is now skipping images and only showing every other image.  None of these things were happening last week and I haven't touched anything with the camera or the embed code in the last week.

WHat's going on?  Are you making updates or do you have a bug in the system?  THe next month is the most important time of the year for my camera so I need this fully functional ASAP.





8/30/2018 7:49:17 PM

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Subject: Re:camera published live feed and embed not working

Our engineers made some improvements to the Camera Publishing / Broadcasting / Embedding feature:

- The embedded camera player can display camera name and description on the video;

- By default, the embedded camera player does not play after the web page finished loading; you can append "&autoplay=true" to the CameraPlayer URL to make it start playing automatically.

- The embedded camera player supports full-screen mode. 

The updates introduced a few compatibility issues. Our engineers have fixed these bugs. We just tested it and it seems to be working fine for your camera. 


For users who publish cameras on, they can now create Public Profile (from the Account Details page). The public profile can include:

- User Alias (Profile Name);

- Company Name;

- Personal/Company Information or Description;

- Company Website URL (which is linked from the user's Public Profile page).



8/31/2018 1:44:24 AM

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