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Hi, We just bought the C34S-X4 VSTARCAM, i want to set them to my ftp NAS. But i don't see the ftp and mail service settings under the alarm tab in the webinterface.

When i google, i see other users that do have those settings, what is wrong? Are those features deleted in more recent firmwares?

Please help me,

greetings Mike, Switzerland

Firmware Version
  Web UI Version          CH203.3.1.21
  Alias          IPCAM3
  Camera ID          VSTF298319TGDEC

PS: Where can I download firmware and UI firmware?

7/8/2018 7:04:57 AM

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Subject: Re:missing ftp menu VSTARCAM / firmeware download? C34S-X4

Your question is purely hardware related. Unfortunately we are not familiar with this camera model. Please contact the camera manufacturer directly. (On their product page, they claim it supports FTP)

CameraFTP does not sell IP cameras. Our service is compatible with most IP cameras (provided they support open standards such as FTP, SMTP, ONVIF, etc.). We have listed a few supported camera brands/models in our support pages. 

You can email us the screenshots of the camera's configuration pages. Based on the screenshots, we might be able to offer more help. 

The camera seems to support ONVIF and RTSP. It is probably compatible with CameraFTP Virtual Security System (VSS) software. If it is ok to use a PC/laptop, then you can install CameraFTP VSS on a PC/laptop to connect to the IP camera's video stream. In this case, the PC/laptop can act as a CCTV and DVR system. It records video clips to the cloud. You can then use CameraFTP Viewer to view / play back the recorded footage.


7/8/2018 10:59:14 AM

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