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 I need setup my IP webcam to upload one picture every 30 or 60 seconds to your servers and  I like to show the last picture uploaded on my website, can be that possible? If yes which plan you recommend.

11/4/2016 2:56:36 PM

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Subject: Re:Last picture on my website

Yes, and it is very easy.

- First of all, you need to have an IP camera that can upload image snapshots to the cloud via FTP.  Most IP cameras can do so. Please visit our supported cameras page:

We have listed quite a few brands / models. Other brands / models may also work.

- Then you need to configure your camera(s) to upload image snapshots to CameraFTP. 

- Log on to, go to My Cameras page, select a camera and click Publish to publish it. Then you can embed the camera viewer in your own web page. You can also embed the last image in your web page. For detailed info, please visit this support page:



3/1/2018 6:32:46 PM

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