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I am a landlord and an installing a security camera in the common area. I want my tenants to be able to view the uploaded images but I don't what them logging into my account. Accessing the FTP site is simple enough - I can just let them use FileZilla or similar, but all they see then is ZIP files. I would like them to access the Camera Show feature without letting them log onto my account.


3/19/2016 1:40:32 PM

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Subject: Re:Sharing captured images - not the live feed


You can either use the sharing or publishing feature to acheive what you are looking for. This will allow users to use our online player to view footage without having to access your account. You will just need to decide whether sharing or publishing is better suited to your needs: 

Sharing: if you have specific individuals that you want to provide access, then you can 'share' a camera folder with specific email addresses. This will provide a share URL and the user will need to confirm their email address before being able to view the camera using that URL. 

Publishing: When you publish a camera, anyone you send the generated public URL will be able to view the camera. So the crucial difference here is that there is no confirmation prompted when the user visits the link. Anyone who has that publish URL will be able to playback footage. 

Feel free to email if you have any other questions. 

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3/1/2018 6:15:11 PM

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