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Is it possible to config CameraFTP to use DDNS like no-ip service instead local network address ?

10/31/2017 4:45:23 AM

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Subject: Re:no-ip service

With CameraFTP cloud recording service, you don't need to configure firewall or DDNS. Thus it is a lot easier to configure.

It works this way: 

(1) You configure your camera(s) to upload images / video clips to CameraFTP cloud. Most IP cameras / NVRs support FTP or SMTP based uploading. This step does not require DDNS or opening firewall ports.

(2) You can view your camera(s) by logging on to, or CameraFTP Viewer apps on your mobile device. This step also does not require DDNS / opening firewall ports.


If you use CameraFTP VSS software as a DVR / NVR, the software will connect to your camera(s) using their local IP address(es). You still don't need DDNS. ( VSS supports DHCP. Your camera(s) can be configured with dynamic local IP addresses).





2/28/2018 5:13:58 PM

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