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I just upgraded my account for increased frame rate and resolution for a webcam that is 400 miles away.   I am still getting the old framerate and resolution.  Do I need to change the parameters on the remote machine or will this happen automatically.  i beiieve the machine is running VSS but I don't have remote access.  If I cannot change parameters remotely then I wish to change me service back to the lower res and frame rate and get a refund on the upgrade.

12/9/2017 5:45:56 PM

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Subject: Re:Change Camera Parameters Remotely


You will indeed need to change the recording parameters on the device/software. There is nobody at the location that can grant you remote access?

You can cancel your new subscription from the subscription management page. If your old subscription has not been canceled yet, then this will divert back to your old subscription:

Please email with any other questions. 

Thank You,
CameraFTP Support

12/11/2017 8:21:35 AM

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