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  • Greg Meinholz
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Just testing it out and was wondering why the mapped drives for DriveHQ are showing up as a local disk? They are displaying the free space and total space of my C: drive and not the drive space in my account. Thanks!

11/24/2015 12:35:22 PM

  • DriveHQSupport_
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Subject: Re:Mapped drives are showing up as local disks

Hi Greg, our WebDAV Drive Mapping feature indeed maps cloud storage as a network drive, which works just like your local C: Drive.

When you access a file on the mapped drive, you are actually accessing it in the cloud. This makes it extremely easy to use our cloud service. Business customers can completely replace their local file server by using our cloud service.

As of why the mapped drive displays the same disk free space as your local hard drive, it is really a Windows Explorer feature. Interestingly, the WebDAV protocol does not define a method to get the mapped drive space / free space. So it is not possible to get the mapped drive space / free space. Because of this, for convenience, Windows Explorer just uses the local hard drive's total space and free space as the mapped drive's total space / free space, which is obviously incorrect. However, it does not affect your use of the mapped drive. To get the total space and free space, please use the Drive Mapping Tool (or DriveHQ FileManager / website); you can find your max space / free space in the Account Balance screen.

12/3/2015 3:23:46 AM

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