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I only want to have DriveHQ run on my notebook when I want to do a backup. I have my data files in an encrypted directory (TrueCrypt) that is closed most of the time. I do manual backups, then close the DriveHQ backup service. I have DrivehqBackup autorun disabled in the registry (HKCU/Run).

When I first turn on the computer, it is very sluggish, and Process Explorer indicates that Backupservice.exe and MANY DriveHQRepository4.01.exe processes are using a lot of CPU time. When I kill these processes, the CPU usage drops to near zero, but they pop up again a few seconds later.

I also keep getting error messages in the error log stating that files in the backup profiles do not exist, which means that something is checking the processes when the TrueCrypt volume disabled, which is when I have the backup service turned off (apparently it's still running). I don't have any scheduled backups on the computer, only the manual tasks. I don't have this performance problem on my desktops, which do not have TrueCrypt encoding and do have scheduled backups.

Any way to turn off DriveHQ when I don't need it? is there a process I can kill or a registry setting to tweak? I want full control over when it runs.

10/4/2008 1:14:51 PM

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Subject: Re: DriveHQ resource hog
DriveHQ Online Backup is designed to automatically backup your files. When you have files in a TrueCrypt volume, (Sorry I am not familiar with TrueCrypt), or any volume that you un-mount when not in use, then it is better just using DriveHQ FileManager and manually drag and drop files. FileManager doesn't upload the same files if they are already uploaded before.

10/4/2008 1:51:01 PM

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