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In my website php file is opened after the action. Can you tell me how to activate my php file.

12/18/2013 1:02:57 AM

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Subject: Re:I cant able to activate my php and text files in my website

DriveHQ web hosting service only supports static web hosting. You can use client-side DHTML, but not server-side scripting and database.

Our service is best for SMBs to host static company information websites, or host large files for many users to download. In the latter case, our service can replace CDN service (content delivery network service, such as Akamai) at a dramatically lower price.

DriveHQ has virtually unlimited network bandwidth, so hosting files with us is usually much faster than in-house hosting. Moreover, your files can be downloaded via HTTP, HTTPS and FTP.

12/18/2013 2:57:34 AM

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