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I've just ordered the group account service with 50GB and 5 user licenses. I need to share large AutoCAD files with our clients. There are about 5 to 10 clients, I need to make sure each of them can only see one folder I share to them. So I am creating sub-accounts for them. The question is: do I have to allocate storage space to them? If so, how much shall I allocate to them? Can all users share the 50GB storage space? Thanks.

8/20/2012 12:31:11 AM

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Subject: Re:How much storage space shall I allocate to my sub-users

Thank you for using our service. Based on your information, you can allocate 0 bytes of storage space and 0 bytes of download bytes to your sub-useers.

You can create folders in your own account (i.e. the group owner account), then share different folders to different sub-users (i.e. your clients). When sharing a folder, you can set different permission levels. (e.g. Download Only, Upload / Add or Full Access, etc.)

Your clients can log on as a sub-user. Each client can only see the folder you share to it (in the special virtual folder:


When a client uploads / downloads files in a shared folder, it uses the folder owner account's storage space and download bytes. In your case, they use your account's storage space and download bytes. Therefore, you don't need to allocate any storage space / download bytes to them. This way, you share your 50GB storage space with all group members. 


If you want to give each sub-user its own personal storage space, then you can allocate storage space / download bytes to them. When a sub-user logs on, he can access folders you shared to him, and he can also access his own "My Storage" root folder.

If a sub-user needs to use DriveHQ Online Backup, then you need to allocate storage space to the sub-user because Online Backup does not upload files to a shared folder.

Lastly, if you allocate storage space to a sub-user, it will reduce the max storage space and download bytes of your own account. You can change the storage allocation at any time using the Group Admin feature.


8/20/2012 1:53:25 AM

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