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Hi, I am wondering if DriveHQ can let me share files with people who are not a DriveHQ member. I want to share files with a few people, but don't want to force them to sign up DriveHQ. Please let me know. Thanks.

11/13/2006 11:01:35 PM

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Subject: Re: sharing question

Yes, you can share files with other users. They don't need to be DriveHQ users.

You can share different folders to different users; you can set different permissions for different users. And there is no limit on how many files / folders you can share.

All the features work with Internet Explorer; however, for optimized service, esp. if you need to share a lot of files, or use drag and drop, please install DriveHQ FileManager 3.5 client software.

You can easily share a folder by selecting a folder and then click on "Share" button.

The best way to share with a non-DriveHQ member is either to ask him sign up a free DriveHQ account, or upgrade your account to a group account and create a sub-account for him. You can also upgrade your account to a group account (for free) and create a sub-account for your user. To upgrade to a group account, just logon and click on My Account, then click on Group Account.


11/14/2006 11:36:18 AM

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