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when i published my folder, i received a url to publish my folder via internet browser.
like this: .

but i want to publish it via webdav protocol, so it will be accessible via windows file explorer.
how can i publish my folder via webdav protochol without login requirment


10/24/2023 6:54:16 AM

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Subject: Re:access published folder via webdav without login

The "Folder Publishing / File Hosting / Static Website Hosting / Static File URL" features are not available to free service members. DriveHQ used to offer these features for free many years ago. However, these features are heavily abused. Most service providers have stopped offering such services for free. 

In your case, I am not sure about your needs:

(1) If you want to create static file URLs, you can use our "Static Web Hosting or Folder Publishing" features. Please visit:

You can watch a tutorial video in this page. 

(2) If you want to access files from Windows Explorer, you don't need to publish your folders/files. You can use our WebDAV Drive Mapping service:

Just install the WebDAV Drive Mapping Tool. It is extremely easy to map a drive. (You can map a WebDAV Drive without installing our software; but the WebDAV Drive Mapping Tool is strongly recommended as it offers a lot of advanced features to make it more efficient, reliable and supporting Cloud File Locking). 

In general, login is required. Otherwise, it may have security problem. But there is an exception: If you have a business subscription, you can create a Secure WebDAV URL, and use it to map a WebDAV drive without login. (The encrypted login credential is actually embedded in the Secure WebDAV URL). For security purpose, you cannot access "dangerous file types such as .EXE, .ZIP, . APK, .RAR, .BAT, etc. This method is not recommended unless you cannot use DriveHQ's WebDAV Drive Mapping Tool.



10/24/2023 9:43:37 AM

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