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 We are using for our sftp and need to be able to connect and upload files via an api. Do you have an api for this?

Thanks!! Joe 

6/21/2023 4:44:23 PM

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Subject: Re:Connect and upload files api

If you use our FTP/SFTP server hosting service, please note the FTP and SFTP protocols are open-standard based. It means you don't need a special API from DriveHQ. You can use any regular FTP/SFTP library, or any FTP/SFTP software to connect to our FTP/SFTP server.

The FTP/SFTP server hosting service is a business feature. DriveHQ offers limited free FTP (and FTPS) trial to free/personal service members. For SFTP, you can sign up for a free business trial, or order a monthly business subscription, which you can cancel it online easily.

DriveHQ Cloud FTP/SFTP Server is integrated with our cloud IT service. It has a lot more advanced features and is far easier to setup and manage than a regular FTP/SFTP server. For detailed information, please watch this step-by-step tutorial video:



6/21/2023 5:15:03 PM

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