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 Can I set different default folders for my sub-users? How?

5/15/2020 9:23:35 AM

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Subject: Re:How to set a default folder for an FTP account?

The default FTP folder is initially set to the My Storage root folder ("\") for all users.

(1) If you have an Enterprise (Group) Account, you can set a default folder in the Group Options page. 
Please note each sub-user has his/her own My Storage. A user cannot see other users' My Storage folders. A group owner can create folders in his own account, then share them with different sub-users and set different permissions. When a sub-user logs on, he/she can access the shared folder from the special share location:
Sub-users cannot see folders not shared to them.
To set a different default folder for all sub-users, you can log on as the group owner, then go to the Group Admin page. Click Group Options. Please see the screenshot below:
You can set the default folder to:
If you select "Subuser Folder in DriveHQShare", it will automatically create a shared folder in the group owner account for each sub-user. These folders are also automatically shared with the corresponding sub-users. The default FTP folder is set to:
(2) You can also set a default folder for each sub-user individually.
Log on to the sub-user account. (As a group owner/admin, you can use the group admin feature to log on as a sub-user.) Then go to Account Options page, click the Account Option tab, you can enter a default folder path as shown in the screenshot below:
With this method, you can set the default folder to any folder in My Storage or DriveHQShare (i.e. folders shared with you by other users).
The FTP default folder is also the default folder when you log on to website or DriveHQ FileManager client software.

5/17/2020 1:43:47 AM

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