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  • c10hat
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First, may i say that this is the best online storage service i have ever come across. keep it up guys.Thanks.

I have several folders with different path-roots on my local machine that i wants to synchronise thecontents (files) to a single folder on my DriveHQ account. How can i do that?

8/1/2007 12:25:53 PM

  • DriveHQ Webmaster
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Subject: Re: Many to One synchronisation

Thank you for your compliments.

Please note to synchronize multiple folders, you can create multiple synchronization tasks. You can synchronize many folders in your local drive to subfolders of a single folder on

Please note you cannot synchronize many local folders to the same folder on, doing so will make all folders have the same contents.

8/2/2007 10:20:32 AM

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