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  • brian.long
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I run a web site and I would like to upload files here to share with my members. Is there a way to add a link to my web site and have it retrieve the file?

10/14/2009 11:19:58 AM

  • DriveHQ Webmaster
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Subject: Re: how to link stored files to another site

To create static links, you need to have a Paid Account or True Account. If you have a Paid Account, you can simply upload files to wwwhome folder and your files can be linked as:

If you have a True Account, you need to disable your website and re-enable your website to activate your website.

You can also use the Folder Publich feature, select a folder and click on Publish, Once a folder is published, you can use the Publish URLs to link to the folder and files in it.

You can publish a folder using either website and DriveHQ FileManager.

10/16/2009 10:24:38 AM

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