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 I signed up for CameraFTP. I got it set up, so it was pulling images from my camera. Until 3/15... that's the last time it has updated. The camera is working fine. I can see live images on my computer, phone, etc. if viewing using the camera's software/program. But not with cameraftp.

I want to publish the live images to be used on a local weather website, so I NEED to have the images be recent... not sure what is wrong. I get notices that nothing has been captured every 6 hours. So my account is active...

When I was originally setting this up I accidentally added the camera twice... but neither one is working.  I have tried all my passwords, and cannot get in as admin to delete a camera... is this the the problem?

Somebody please help me! I just don't know what changed on 3/15 that messed it up.

3/22/2017 1:49:47 PM

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Subject: Re:CameraFTP

 Thanks for reaching out to us, Jill. I see a number of issues looking into your account spanning over the 5 parameters that you need to set for your subscription license. Going over your parameters:

1) You have purchased a Recording Type under an 'image' plan, but you will see that your camera is uploading video files (mp4) rather than snapshot files. This will obviously put your account into a more excessive use category. 
2) Next topic comes the resolution. Your subscription was for the very lowest level of resolution at 320x240, though you seem to be uploading at a high resolution level nearing 1920x1080 - several times higher than what you paid for. 
3) Coming up next is your upload frequency, which you have of course gone way over given your recording type. 

All of these points combined leave to a dramatic account over-usage, which explains the issues you might be having with playback or continuous usage. Please understand that CameraFTP does not tell your camera what to upload. You are responsible for configuring your camera to upload appropriate to your subscription level. Please make sure your configuration pages for your camera are set correctly, or contact us at if you need further clarification. Otherwise, you will need to order a higher subscription to match your more excessive upload paramters. 


Thank You, 
CameraFTP Support 

3/22/2017 3:50:24 PM

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